Why Do Marketers Use Call Tracking?

Posted on: February 3rd, 2015 by Admin

Call Tracking is an important tool for discovering how your customers are finding you. Without this information, you are spending your advertising money blindly. Now you no longer need to wonder if that Yellow Pages ad is worth the money, or if your latest Newspaper ad is causing your phone to ring.

With Call Tracking, you know immediately. Maybe that ad needs to be refocused. Maybe that particular newspaper or magazine isn’t being read by your target audience. If you are not tracking your incoming marketing calls, you will lose out to a competitor who does – unless you have an unlimited advertising budget.

The following is an excerpt from an interesting article which covers these topics and many more. Give it a read and leave your comments below:

Marketers use call tracking because they want to close the loop on their marketing spend. If marketers aren’t using call tracking they’re not getting credit for a portion of the work they’re doing. For example, agencies that don’t provide call tracking data to their clients are leaving themselves open to criticism. Why? Because, for many businesses–particularly local businesses–a call is the predominant lead channel. In fact, 64% of local businesses say calls are the best leads they receive.

And yet, despite the power of phone calls, some agencies insist upon touting ONLY the web traffic they generate.

And local businesses aren’t the only ones that care about phone calls. One technology company we work with says that 30% of their new accounts each month are generated from phone calls, NOT web leads. If the marketing department at this company wasn’t using call tracking to analyze that data, they would not be getting credit for 30 percent of the revenue they generate.

Click Here to read the complete article and then leave your comments below.

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