Services Included

Call Recording - Record every incoming phone call. This is especially useful for training your Sales and Support staffs to help you close more business and have happier customers.

“Whisper” Intros - A different “Whisper” message can be associated with each tracking number. When the call is answered, this message is heard before the call is connected letting you know which of your ads is responsible for the call.

Full Caller ID Data - View the Location and Phone Number of the incoming call.

Easily Generate Call Reports - Detailed reports can be generated with a few clicks of the mouse.

Email AlertsGet email notification when certain events occur.

Caller History - See a complete history of calls including duration  & location.

Call Handler Exceptions – Always Forward calls from specific numbers to a number of your choosing. Great for directing calls from special clients for special handling and attention.

Round Robin – Setup a list of Business phone numbers to receive calls in the order your determine. Great for passing calls around to multiple Sales or Support personnel.  Once the caller has connected, subsequent calls will be forwarded to that same phone number.

Call Multiple Numbers At Once – Ring multiple phone numbers at the same time. The first person to answer gets the call. Once the caller has connected, subsequent calls will be forwarded to that same phone number.

Phone Code Reports - Classify calls by specifying codes which indicate the nature and result of the call. to get a better understanding of trends. Review the call recording can help to determine which code to associate with the call (e.g. lead, sale, wrong number, etc).

Dynamic Referrer Tracking – Works with Google Organic and Google Adwords, Yahoo, Bing, FaceBook & YouTube. Sometimes referred to as Dynamic Number Insertion.

SMS Forwarding - Forward incoming text messages to a specified mobile phone of your choice.

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