Being Where Your Audience Is

Posted on: February 3rd, 2015 by Admin

We all intrinsically know that it is difficult to sell ice to Eskimos. We wouldn’t invest a lot of money trying to accomplish that chore. But, if you have not taken specific action to test whether or not you are getting your advertising message in front of your target audience, you may well be trying to sell ice to the Eskimos and not even realize it.

One advertising expert one said, “Half my advertising is effective and the other half is not. I just don’t know which half!!” With Call Tracking, you can know very quickly which of your ads are causing your phone to ring and then you can concentrate your advertising budget there to achieve a more beneficial ROI for your advertising dollar.

The following is a short except from a larger article titled “8 Ways Data Can Boost Marketing Strategy”. Give it a read for several additional ideas.

An important aspect of marketing is knowing where your audience is. Marketing data provides marketers with the opportunity to know the geographic location of their audience, the social networks their audience use the most, and their typical device usage.

For example, when you create a YouTube video, you can use YouTube analytics to know what regions of the world is viewing your videos the most, what devices they are using to view your video, as well as the referral traffic rate, which can tell you how viewers reached your video.

Knowing this information will help you to create more videos catered to the regions that view your video the most. If you have a lot of viewers from Mexico for instance, you should think about creating Spanish videos in addition to your English ones. Or if you see that more people are reaching your video via Twitter, make sure you promote your video more on Twitter to increase views.

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